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Birra Del Bosco

​Billa Boss ko

This brewery was founded by Marco Pederiva and opened in 2013.

What led Marco to become a brewer and then open his own brewery?

Marco traveled all over the world and visited many different countries.

A big beer lover, he tried many beers, but couldn't find one that suited his taste.

So he decided to start a home brewery and open his own brewery.

 Currently, the Villa del Bosco team consists of Marco, founder and sales manager, Mauro, the brewer, and Federico, who manages the warehouse.

All three have in common a love of nature and a great passion for sports played in the mountains.

You can find them hiking and cycling in the summer, and skiing and snowboarding in the winter.


Label design born from love of nature

Their love for nature is also reflected in their impressive labels, which are simply cool.

It is not only fashionable, but also contains deep meaning.

Animals are depicted on the labels of most products, but it's not just about aesthetics. Inspiration comes from the Indian people, the Haida people.

To the Indians, animals are real gods, and the expression on the label is an expression of understanding of this culture, as well as praise and respect for nature.





With aromas of tropical fruit and citrus, it's fresh and thirst-quenching in summer, but its not-at-all-thin body makes it perfect for any season.

Alcohol: 6%

Style: Indian Ale Lager

​Raw materials: malt, hops

​Production method: Unfiltered, unheated

​FoodParing: Teriyaki burger, dessert with passion fruit

​Size:440ml (aluminum can)




Powerful but pleasant, with a bitterness that never gets in the way, and light malt notes that leave room for floral nuances on the finish.

Alcohol: 6.5%

Style:Imperial Pils

​Raw materials: malt, hops

​Production method: Unfiltered, unheated

​FoodParing:German food (sausage, mustard sandwiches, etc.)​Pizza and fries

​Size:440ml (aluminum can)




A light cereal-like aroma combines perfectly with the bitterness of Jerez.


Alcohol: 5%

Style: Hoppy Health

​Raw materials: malt, hops

​Production method: Unfiltered, unheated

​FoodParing: Light meals such as sandwiches and takoyaki, simple snacks, sausage, pizza

​Size:440ml (aluminum can)


Italian Craft Beer&Organic Wine

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