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Our mind​

1. Because I want to cherish nature

 We love animals and nature.

"I want to cherish nature"

With this in mind, we engage in green procurement by only doing business with manufacturers that conduct environmentally friendly production activities.

​ In addition, from the perspective of caring for nature, we conduct environmentally friendly sales activities such as not handling plastic bottle products and refraining from excessive packaging. ​

beer brewery
2. I want to support small producers
​ Many of the products we import come from small producers. We would like to help more people know about the products they produce with passion. In order to protect small producers, we do not purchase large quantities of products at low prices. ​
​ We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the lack of stock, but we are working hard to make delicious beer and wine, so please look forward to it.
3. From a new perspective

Through our products, we would like to help people learn about the Dolomiti Mountains and convey the wonder and importance of nature.

And we will introduce you to new and less famous aspects of Italy, such as mountain life and cuisine, small village agriculture, etc.!

​I would be very happy if you could learn more about Italy and fall in love with Italy even more. ​​

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Italian Craft Beer&Organic Wine

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