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Birrificio Barbaforte

​ Birrificcio        Barbaforte

​​ About 30 minutes by car from Trento City in Trento Province, you can see the beautiful Scanupia Mountains. Then there is the Folgaria Plateau, which is famous for its hiking trails. The highest point is 2056 meters, and the residential area is 1166 meters.

Birrificio Barbaforte was established in this location in 2018.

Founder Matteo Mincone was always interested in the world of beer while working as a bar and pub manager. I started a home brewery in 2006 and conducted various experiments. And we made beer for our friends and relatives.

After that, I learned how to brew beer seriously while working at a brewery in Lombardy. It has now become a local craft beer maker.

Folgaria Plateau, Trento

Folgaria plateau
           Uses high-quality water

​We brew beers that can only be tasted in this region, using the precious spring water of Chior Spring in the Scanupia Mountains.

Beer 1.jpg

San Lorenzo

(Gluten Free)

It is named after "San Lorenzio", the guardian deity of Folgaria.
A light beer with a light aroma of acacia honey and a delicate aroma of hops.

It goes well with light dishes such as fish and chicken.

Alcohol: 5.5%
Style: Golden Ale (gluten free)

​Production method: Unfiltered, unheated

Food Paring: Light-tasting dishes such as carpaccio, sashimi, seafood, etc.


Beer 2.jpg



This beer is dedicated to those who are used to drinking unique beers.
Slightly full-bodied, with aromas of orange peel from the hops and a hint of caramel on the palate, quickly replaced by a not-too-dry bitterness.

And to support the bitterness, I intentionally left it rich.

Alcohol: 5.5%

​Production method: Unfiltered, unheated

Food Paring: Spicy dishes, grilled meat, tempura, etc.


Beer 3.jpg



This beer is made with slightly roasted malt and has a complex bitterness with a caramel aroma.

Alcohol: 5.5%

Style: Extra Special Bitter

Manufacturing method: Unfiltered, unheated
Food Paring: Parmesan cheese, fresh cheese, smoked meat, chicken


Italian Craft Beer&Organic Wine

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