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​La Stitchaire

La Stecciaia

Approximately 40 minutes by car from Siena in Tuscany, you will find Crete Senesi, an idyllic town with a beautiful rural landscape of cypress trees. ​

​La Stitchia was founded in 2009 by Claudio D'Agnolo. Located on the grounds of Pelate Farm, which specializes in growing organic grains, we use organic barley, hops, ancient wheat, etc. grown on this farm to create completely organic craft beer.

The founder, Claudio D'Agnolo, previously worked as a sailor and traveled to ports around the world.

However, his job as a sailor only allowed him to see his daughter a few times a year. I want to spend more time with my daughter! I want to see my daughter grow up! With this in mind, I wondered if it would be possible to make craft beer that is kind to both nature and the body using organic grains from Pelate Farm, which is owned by my wife's family. With this in mind, I started learning how to make craft beer, which I loved.After gaining experience at several breweries, I established my own brewery in 2009.

And we created Italy's first EU organic certified craft beer.

La Stecciaian's beer has become popular due to the growing trend towards organic beer in Italy, and the variety of craft beer available has grown, making it loved not only locally but also throughout Italy.

tasting beer

​Aiming for a sustainable brewery

​ La steciaia takes various measures to minimize the impact on the environment.

A solar panel has been installed on the roof of the brewery to provide electricity for the brewery.

The hot water generated during the cooling process of beer is collected and used to clean the pots used in beer brewing, and the grain waste after squeezing the wort is reused as fertilizer for the fields. Masu.

​​ In addition, by not planting the same crop two years in a row, you can prevent continuous cropping failure and maintain the soil environment so that healthy crops can grow. I cherish it.

We believe that by being considerate to the environment, we can prevent groundwater contamination and the spread of harmful substances in the atmosphere.

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COCO' is a refreshing craft beer with a spicy, citrus aroma. The taste is elegant, with notes of bergamot and coriander, slightly bitter, and a slightly sour finish.



​Production method: Secondary fermentation in bottle

Food Paring: Fish, salmon, salami, ham,salad, fresh cheese
Size:330ml or 750ml

Senate Reach
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A craft beer made using the ancient wheat Kappelli wheat.

A dry, refreshing craft beer with a spicy, fruity flavor and a slight herbal and peppery finish.

​*Ancient wheat*

It is a type of wheat that has not been bred and is said to be relatively low in gluten. It was also used as an ingredient in beer in ancient Egyptian times.



​Production method: Secondary fermentation in bottle

Food Paring: Cheeses with strong aromas (e.g. blue cheese, parmesan,

Sheep and goat cheese, grilled vegetables and sausages
Size:330ml or 750ml

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FARZOTTA is a double malt craft beer made from ancient wheat.

It is a slightly carbonated craft beer with an impressive aroma of white fruit and flowers, a good balance between the sweet aroma of malt and the bitterness of hops.


Style:Farmhouse Ale

​Production method: Secondary fermentation in bottle

Food Paring: Grilled chicken, pasta with tomato sauce, asparagus risotto
Size:330ml or 750ml


Italian Craft Beer&Organic Wine

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