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L’Artigianale del Grillo


The L’Artigianale del Grillo brewery was founded in Presenaio, a small hamlet in the village of San Pietro, Cadore, Belluno, Veneto.

The region is located in the Comerico region, known as the ``Flower of the Dolomites'', not far from the town of Cortina d'Ambezzao, which will host the Winter Olympics in 2026, and Lake Misurina, where you can admire the breathtaking scenery. It's on location.


​ Founder Luca's father is Maurillo de Solt, a legendary cross-country skier known as ``il Grillo'' (Italian for grasshopper) and a gold medalist at the 1994 Lillehammer Olympics (Norway).

From that “il Grillo” it was named L’Artigianale del Grillo. And the grasshopper logo is also drawn on the label.

The brewery is very small, with only two staff including Luca. Luca is in charge of manufacturing and Mirko is in charge of sales.


​Although it is small, its ability is certain

​It's a very small brewery,We also take part in many contests.

<Award history>

February 2019 Beer of the year contest in Riva del Garda

Beer with spices or coffee category Birra AJ allo zafferano 1st place

Honey beer category birra al miele di castagno 2nd place

Dark Ale Division Birra Par Nada 3rd place

August 2019 Merano Wine Festival

Beer category Birra Del Grillo 1st place

September 2019 Asiago Mountain Beer Cup

Birra al miele di castagno 2nd place in the beer category with special ingredients


Bottle fermentation creates a perfectly harmonious and balanced taste.

Alcohol: 5%

Style: Pils

​Production method: Secondary fermentation in bottle

Food Paring: Chicken and fish dishes. It goes great with okonomiyaki!


It has a beautiful amber color and a strong flavor with a hint of spice.


Style: Amber Ale

​Production method: Secondary fermentation in bottle

Food Paring: Dishes with sweet sauce such as sweet and sour pork and yakitori. Pork buns are also OK!


Made by adding honey from the Comerico Valley to beer.
It has a rich natural aroma reminiscent of the Comerico Valley and a slightly sweet taste of honey.

Style: Honey Ale

​Production method: Secondary fermentation in bottle

​Food Paring:Chicken dish with sweet sauce. Yakitori, teriyaki chicken, etc.


Italian Craft Beer&Organic Wine

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